Welcome! Mairead Rhona Travins is the floral designer, shop curator, and native Scotslady behind Flowerkraut. She is married to “Sauerkraut” Seth Travins, of musical and lacto-fermented fame, and they live in Hudson, NY with their daughter, Larkin. Together, they make the shop and floral studio, Flowerkraut, which specializes in custom floral design, with a side order of hand-picked gift items and of course, the full range of Sauerkraut Seth’s lacto-fermented vegetables.

Mairead trained as a florist at the Tallulah Rose Flower School in Bath, England - undergoing their career floristry course in 2013. She has also taken classes and inspiration from the ladies behind Pyrus Botanicals in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon moving to New York state, she then went on to intern briefly with Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua in Brooklyn and Upstate New York, before opening up shop in July 2014. She owes a great deal of skill and experience to all of these people, as well as to many of the other florists and flower growers in the area.

As far as possible, our goods are centered around local craft and produce. Season permitting, the flowers are grown in and around the Berkshires and Hudson Valley, Seth’s vegetables are sourced from organic farms we know and trust, our houseplants are from greenhouses we visit ourselves and everything from the ceramics and candles to the papergoods and gift items are selected largely from NY-based creatives. Beautiful and sustainable!