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Averal Pamplemousse Soap Bar

Averal Pamplemousse Soap Bar

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Indulge in a luxurious and invigorating shower experience with our Grapefruit French Triple Milled Soap. Sourced from the renowned Grasse region in the South of France, this exquisite soap is crafted with care from 72% organic olive oil and 25% shea butter & glycerin, making it the perfect choice for all skin types. Triple-milled for an extended lifespan and captivating scent, our Grapefruit soap is wrapped in a recyclable paper box for eco-friendliness. Its natural moisturizing properties ensure an elegant addition to your skincare routine, leaving your skin feeling healthy and radiant. At 125 grams (4.4 oz), our Grapefruit soap is an excellent choice for those seeking a pampering experience. Its delightful fruity scent is sure to captivate your senses, making it the perfect addition to your spring skincare routine. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or your loved ones, our Grapefruit French Triple Milled Soap is an excellent choice.

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