Textural White Bud Vase

Textural White Bud Vase

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These beautiful white bud vases look great with a single stem, small bouquet, or a few dried flowers. Bright blooms will pop against the white glaze, whose texture looks great empty when the bloom fades. Glaze is applied to look variegated, heavier in some places than others. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

ANK Ceramics is a line of hand-crafted tableware made by Ariela Kuh in Maine.

Each piece is turned on the wheel or hand-built, trimmed, sanded, and fired in an electric kiln.

Glazes are mixed in small batches to allow ultimate control and specificity of finish and may vary from batch to batch.

All items are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. Hand wash for best results. 

The shorter vase is 3.5" tall by roughly 2.25" in diameter at it's widest.

The taller vase is 4.25" tall by roughly 2.5" in diameter at it's widest.